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Are Pawn Shop is licensed by the State or Federal Government?
Yes. Pawn Shops are licensed under State laws and must also comply with Federal laws regulating certain sales.
What is a Pawn Shop exactly?
Pawn Shop loan provide money based on the collateral value of goods like jewelry, musical instruments, watches, antiques, cars, etc. The loans are usually of short duration (4 months 10 days in California) and when the borrower pays the loan, the goods are returned to the borrower. If the borrower chooses to default on the loan, the Pawn Shop becomes the owner of the goods and must then sell the merchandise in order to pay off the loan
Pawn Shop Business of advancing loans to customers who have pledged household goods or personal effects as security on the loans. The trade of the pawnbroker is one of the oldest known to humanity; it existed in China 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. Ancient Greece and Rome were familiar with its operation; they laid the legal foundations on which modern statutory regulation was built.

Monday – Sunday 10am – 7pm


Rules :
Our Unique Pawn Stores - happy to offer to you two options:
I.Option: Sell your Watches!
Instant Cash to you!
II.Option: You do not have to Sell your Watches to us. We will Instantly Loan
you Cash for 4 months 10 days on your item/s!   No Credit Check.

Your item/s is Insured and Safe with us!

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