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  If you have any questions, we’re eager to help you. Please call our office representatives:
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Monday – Sunday 10am – 7pm


Our company is unique and we focus on specially items particularly for people like you who own things like art, collectibles, and antiques.

As we always strive to provide the best services for our clients, keeping in mind the latest economical, and political developments. Many people who were financially secure just a few short months ago, are experiencing dire times. Banks are basically stopped loaning money. To cater to ever-changing demands of our clients we created a new type a new type of service. Now our clients include corporate executives, sport figures, people from movie industry, businessmen.

All Transactions (Loans or Sell) are Private and Confidential

Because we have loans of celebrities and famous people our policy never to disclosure any information of our clients to media.
We are Insured, fully bonded and Secured

Our goal is to provide the highest level of confidentiality and security, aimed at resolving your Short Term CASH flow problems same date. Usually clients use, Art, Jewelry, heirlooms, and collectibles, lap top as collateral as the loans are usually involve substantial amount of funds.
We are Insured, fully bonded and Secured

We are equipped with the latest in safe technology, alarms.

It is simple to pawn your Art, Jewelry, heirlooms, and collectibles, lap top as collateral as the loans for quick Cash.

Get money in 5 minutes.

After the information is provided concerning the collateral and the desired amount of the loan, our research. department will provides an estimated value of collateral.. All transactions are concluded under strict confidentiality.

"We cannot resolve all of your problems, we can however help you solve some of them."

Rules :
Our Unique Pawn Stores - happy to offer to you two options:
I.Option: Sell your Art, Collectibles or antiques
Instant Cash to you!
II..Option: You do not have to Sell your Art, Collectibles or antiques to us.
We will Instantly Loan you Cash for up to 5 months on your item/s!  
No Credit Requirement

Your item/s is Insured and Safe with us!

Let Us Help You!
Your Name:
Please description here of the item:
Contact Phone (include area code):
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Stores Location:

We BUY and Pawn on Vintage and
Antique Items
Specialize combine experience more than 50yrs.
Paintings Perfume Bottles
Pictures Coins
Posters Lights
Tools Rugs
WatchesMusical Instruments
Costume JewelryRecords
Real JewelryOil Cans
And many more items call us.


Los Angeles


10525 Long Beach Blvd
Lynwood, CA 90262

15 min. from Downtown, Los Angeles.

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15019 S. Atlantic Ave
Compton, CA 900221

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El Monte
Tel: 626-448-4400

3014 Peck Road
El Monte, CA 91731

(10 min. from Downtown, Los Angeles)

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Inland Empire
San Bernardino

Tel: (909) 884-0855

685 W. Base Line
San Bernardino, CA 92410

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*Each store operate independently
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Our Unique Store has many repeat satisfied clients who keep using our services again and again to help them meet their living needs or if they need Instant Cash.   
We Pawn, Loan or Buy following Art and more:
  Fne glass items
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